Heart’s Ease


So it looks like I just can’t write purely vanilla, okay?
I just can’t. I’ve tried, the goddess knows. I thought these stories were sweeter, and in fact they kind of are– but even my first-timers get into the power exchange.

The real person fics, though– they really are vanilla. I wouldn’t load my own kinks onto some unsuspecting celebrity. And I thought Snake might really enjoy a respite from the violence of his life.


An Interview with Despina Jones
A tentacle monster shows us her human side. And her other side, too.
Warnings; tentacles, and slime and similar plot points.


Despina discovers that there are limits to her strength.
; tentacles.

Original fiction

Stolen Roses

Astro will say or do anything to get what she wants. Lenore knows this– so why does she feel like believing Astro this time?
; None yet. But it’s only one chapter, of a potential WIP.

Meeting Robby

Elaine had forgotten what adventure felt like, until the determination of a young boi brought her back to life. (F/F)
; none. (prompt; Dirty talk)

Her woods, Her Pleasure
A sophisticated top learns the pleasure of submission, to a woman she never thought could control her, in a place she’d never imagined.
; bondage, outdoor play

The Ballad Of Mad Moll

Warnings: BDSM in unexpected place, gratuitous renfaire-speak, unfinished.

  1. Her Brother’s Breeches
  2. Seven Of Cups
  3. Mad Moll Laughs
  4. A Man Of Honor
  5. Nothing But What I Need
  6. Give Me A Harder One
  7. All That Are In My Mind

Fan Fiction

(Of a gentler sort)

Welcome to New Orleans
: queersex
fandom; Snake Plissken/original character)

Passing The Torch

; M/M,
fandom; real person; Johnny Depp/Marlon Brando

Day Divides the Night
; het, PG-13,
fandom; real person Jim Morrison/original character

Gamzee: Fill All Four Quadrants Sort Of
; multiple genders, alien sex organs, gangbang.
fandom; Homestuck Gamzee/Equius/Nepeta/Karkat/Tavros
“You ain’t in charge of any of this miracle. You’re getting motherfucking moved, all over the place.”
Gamzee gets a whole lotta love


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