Sep 252013

As I was trawling the internets for pron in my T-enhanced fetishistic way, I came across a really odd blogspot blog, where some guy from Portland (maybe?) was doing photomanips that turned young men into  something he called “mounded boys.” And he was writing little stories about them. And his quirky idea caught my attention,

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Sep 172011
regarding the Big GLBT YA callout:

Background: In a guest blog two writers talked about an unfortunate incident in which a prospective agent asked them to remove a gay characater from their YA novel: say yes To GayYA they were careful to name no names, because they wanted to talk- not about that particular incident, but about how common such incidents

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Jul 192011
Grammar Ouchies!

DEAR WELL-SEASONED SLASH WRITER: I could have loved your recent Spander; you are a helluva storyteller.  But your grammar made it difficult to read comfortably. Please, get control of your punctuation. Half of your commas are placed where no comma belongs, and the other half are missing from the places they should be. Come on

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Oct 152010
In answer to that damn chart over at overthinkingit.com

Namely, this one which truly wasn’t thought out nearly well enough. You’ll find me in the thick of the argument here and there. Aside from the problematic aspects of using human beings to illustrate fiction stereotypes, and also the thing where no female character is good enough, it’s upsetting to read someone anticipating being called

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Apr 282010
I suck at titles!

Ollie is trying to figure out her gender, and fighting for acceptance in the leathermen’s community, with a variable amount of success. A queer couple are willing to give her the acceptance she craves. Will she fit in with their already established relationship?  Title 1; "Danny’s Boy"  was fine until the resemblance to the song

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Apr 012010
Various values of "F"

Griffin is just about to make the final decision to transition to male. Or, maybe not. She knows that there is no workable phalloplasty yet, and she doesn’t want to be a man without a penis. Tricia has completely resculpted her body via plastic surgery and liposuction. She loves to bottom but is fixated on

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Mar 242010
Two big bangs!

Boosting these signals; More InformationYES! A big bang for us what don’t write fanfic. And, on DW; kinked ;  Kink, for the purposes of this challenge, means erotic/sexual enjoyment of something other than (or in addition to) inserting Tab A into Slot B. Kink is context, a focus on some element of a scene/situation that charges

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Mar 222010
Why is nothing easy?

There’s a little story I tell, about a young MTF who wanted a ticket to a women’s only dungeon party, and i was kinda obnoxious to her and when she cried, I figured that she was definitely female enough to be there and she had a great time…. And yes, I apologised for being an

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Feb 052010
Variation on a meme

Most of my flist are involved with fandoms what I don’t know nuttin about. So I can’t do the meme about you giving me the names of female characters and I tell you why i love them. But I have been reading some of my flists’s posts and have been getting some ideas of what can

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Jan 242009
Stolen Roses

For   January challenge, Aphrodite Title: Stolen Roses Author: Stella Omega Character: OFCs; Lenore, Astro Boi Rating: Teen Warnings: None Summary: Lenore finds a surprise on her doorstep. Fandom: None; these two characters were created in response to this challenge. Award choices: Aphrodite female Word Count: 710 Notes: Several weeks ago,  I was overbearing towards

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May 252008

is a pleasure to read. Get It here! Today’s entry talks about using quotation marks for emphasis around a word; he calls them “shout” or “scare” quotes. An earlier entry discusses the wherefores of deliberately pronouncing words wrong– an entertainment I enjoy, I admit. And still earlier, his list of new catchwords includes “Throw a

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Sep 082006

The story of a couple of stories and one more. I offered my lesbian first-time story “Meeting Robby” (posted on literotica) to cleansheets.com. This is an erotica magazine that actually PAYS for submissions. My first story online ever, was published there; “When Petey met Yuri” (I’m not that original with names, you’ll notice) where was

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Jul 272006

1) Finish the third installment of Mad Moll- a matter of two or three paragraphs, at best- and find the plot for the fourth installment. 2) Finish the sequel to “The Baroness’ Boy” which is halfway done. 3) Finish the last sex scene in the story about the groupie and the rockstar. 4) Finish the

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Nov 162005

And those particular old spiral-bounds are as much as thirty-five years old… It’s taken me about twelve years to come to terms with that loss. Besides my own teenaged scribbling, there were guest appearances in those pages- my freinds and colleagues in high school, who since have vanished, some of them, into thin air- or

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