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Dec 112010
drive-by rec;

cupidsbow  wrote a little essay four years ago, and I have just now stumbled upon it. She called it "the formula for writing sex scenes" but it can also be a "formula" for writing action scenes in general. More to the point, it’s an explanation of how many women (and many men too, these days)

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Nov 032010
grr dammit

So this story involves two gay men, a couple, who pick up a butch-identified woman to play with. When I play with a new bottom and it goes well, I get all protective and possessive, I do. But not so much that i want to move said playmate into my house and relationship. She goes

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Feb 242010

I just read; "She licked her lips lightly." Recently, I have read about biting lightly, sighing lightly, smiling lightly, frowning lightly. Or, as in the case of a blow-job description just now, suckling lightly. "Iight" just doesn’t strike me as an all-purpose adverb. "She licked her lips nervously" or "softly", or um… maybe she just

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Nov 112008

I have about a bazillion "how to write’ books, because people always want to give you something they know you can use, right? And most of them, I crack once and skim through and put on the shelf. But a few weeks ago, a whole lot of folks at  all agreed that this book had

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Sep 082007

has just posted an Open letter to bad fic writers and it’s worth a read, regardless of how well you write. She listed a couple of mistakes that I’ve been making recently, and I appreciate the reminder. Amateur fic writers like what we are, are in a very delicate spot when it comes to critiquing

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Mar 102006

from my beloved ABSTRUSE, at literotica; You are at a crossroad. Each direction will take you to a different place. North will take you through a snowy forest South will take you to the ocean. East will take you to a busy city street. West will take you to a deserted village. You are to

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Nov 052005

It’s probably a really stupid idea, but- what if i re-wrote the Jack Sparrow story to be from his perspective? Would it be hotter? Or am I dicking around? Hell, I know the answer- really. Stop wasting my time with fanfic, no matter how delicious the character is. Write the story with my own people,

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Nov 052005

*snff!* Poor, neglected Molly! What the hell, I ask you, would she and Lina find to do, the day after a night like that one? The truth is, I have one more sexcapade, wriiten, in the morning time, and then- I don’t know… She will have to go back to Maggie, and tell her that

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Nov 012005

I’m a little tired of reading fiction with portentous names. Qu’thalynn… Wolven, the highschool senior (who happens to be a vampire, what a coincidence) Valeria, Morgann. Dragynlea. Dragyn SylvyrShyne. Lynx. When it becomes too much trouble to puzzle out the name’s pronunciation- or, when I find myself distracted by its actual meaning- I tend to

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Oct 032005

But, happily for me, Recidiva does. She studied at Stella Adler. And she sent me a few paragraphs, of imaginary conversation, about the craft of acting. Thank you my darling. This is going to fuck me up, re-writing that whole section and bringing it into line with the mood of the rest of the story…

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Sep 232005

So yesterday, I was driving back from the hospital- a long damned drive, thank you- and we were talking about “Don Juan De Marco” and how Depp basically moved in with Brando during the time of the film. How close they became. Brando was getting pretty sick. And Johnny is a rather humble guy, besides

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Sep 222005

…Dulcey said; “Josie, get to yer place and let yer betters go back to their own work!” “Betters, is it?” The noisome presence of Daft Josie hobbled into the room. “Little slut- I was as good as ye once. I knew yer father, I did.” she added, pointing a grimy finger at Jack, now putting

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