Dec 112013

I was already skeeved by the biblical reality setting, but that’s just me being an atheist.  But  my fandom friends began bewailing the sad deaths of every female character the show brought in. And those deaths never stopped happening. My friends said “yeah, but lots of men die too!”  But I always had a suspicion

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Sep 172011
regarding the Big GLBT YA callout:

Background: In a guest blog two writers talked about an unfortunate incident in which a prospective agent asked them to remove a gay characater from their YA novel: say yes To GayYA they were careful to name no names, because they wanted to talk- not about that particular incident, but about how common such incidents

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Dec 112010
drive-by rec;

cupidsbow  wrote a little essay four years ago, and I have just now stumbled upon it. She called it "the formula for writing sex scenes" but it can also be a "formula" for writing action scenes in general. More to the point, it’s an explanation of how many women (and many men too, these days)

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Jul 302010
The pretty thing for the day It isn’t pretty to look at– but it will generate the most sophisticated little melodies, plangent, delicate, meditative. | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Jul 102010
Friday links on Saturday

CamilleMartine turned me on to a comic strip; Templar Arizona and it is more amazing than anything I have read in yearsss; And also this perfume site, with a crappy name; zomgsmells Which creates perfumes in honor of the small red cloud on Jupiter, the Hadron collider (a trio of Bosuns) a baby unicorn’s birthday

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Apr 252010
Kate Fucking Harding

…Instead of just being all, “Aw, shucks, thank you, you’re too kind, and really, XYZ didn’t go as well as I hoped, and I’m still working on ABC, but I guess I’ve had worse shows…” she said something like, “Thanks. Yeah, I like to think I’m good at what I do. I could act all

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Apr 222010
aww, baby tentacles

I was coming by to work on my Mary Sue meta post because I know we cannot live much longer without it, right?  But I got distracted by kinkbingo posts, and a truly adorable tentacles fic. See? SEE? THIS is why I love fandom. tentacles! CUTE! But here’s something else, that nobody seems to talk about much;

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Apr 102010
awesome new community

so_sue_me  in support of OFC’s in fanfic. Post your links to fics and meta! | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Mar 242010
Two big bangs!

Boosting these signals; More InformationYES! A big bang for us what don’t write fanfic. And, on DW; kinked ;  Kink, for the purposes of this challenge, means erotic/sexual enjoyment of something other than (or in addition to) inserting Tab A into Slot B. Kink is context, a focus on some element of a scene/situation that charges

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