Pirates Of The Carribean

May 272008

Crazy Crossover slash, inspired by Kirrily and Marna’s very entertaining epic Shore Leave Title: Shore Leave II Pairing:Sharpe/Sparrow/Norrington/Hornblower Rating:NC-17 Summary: Jack Sparrow wanted what Richard Sharpe could give him, just for one evening. Disclaimers:The characters in this work belong to C. S. Forester, Bernard Cornwell, and Disney and I’m only borrowing ’em. Warnings:graphic M/M sex,

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Dec 272007

The community has a fine new wind in her sails! This month has seen a sweet little piece of smut from the incomparable , and has created an entire novel for download. Myself, I’ve put up a three-part tale in Gloria’s “Valentine’s rose” series; “Away from Tortuga” part 1, part 2, and part 3

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Oct 312005

How is this for a motive? ******** “Jackie, ye’ve changed so” “Aye, a year on the big ship. Marietta, I saw places- I’ve seen Venice, and Madagascar, and China, love! I’ve killed a man, I’ve laid by a store of gold. I tried the London shipmasters, I did- they looked at me as if I

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Oct 302005

Why does Jack Sparrow wear dreadlocks? Because Johnny Depp is a romantic who likes to play dress-up. But why would a pirate wear them, really? This might be one reason; **************** Marietta slid a hand under Jack’s neck, sniffed the perfume in his hair. “What have ye been doing, laddie? Your bonny locks-” “Tis practical,

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Sep 222005

…Dulcey said; “Josie, get to yer place and let yer betters go back to their own work!” “Betters, is it?” The noisome presence of Daft Josie hobbled into the room. “Little slut- I was as good as ye once. I knew yer father, I did.” she added, pointing a grimy finger at Jack, now putting

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