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Apr 052013
Top. dom. sub. bottom. And the differences between them. AKA "Stella's usual rant."

Note: Our society has become very enamored of the concept of Dom and Sub. Many people come into the lifestyle without ever hearing that any other dynamic can exist, which is why I have written this little essay. I do not wish to give the impression that you or anyone else are restricted to one or

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Jul 192011
Grammar Ouchies!

DEAR WELL-SEASONED SLASH WRITER: I could have loved your recent Spander; you are a helluva storyteller.  But your grammar made it difficult to read comfortably. Please, get control of your punctuation. Half of your commas are placed where no comma belongs, and the other half are missing from the places they should be. Come on

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Jul 092011

There is a difference between what many women want, and expect, from BDSM– and byt BDSM I mean the whole kit and kaboodle of acronyms that describe WIITWD– and what many men want– and presumably, expect. The disparity can be summed up, I think, by these two excerpts. One is a BDSM erotic Romance, and

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Jul 032011

I had an amusing experience the other night, I went out to meet a couple for coffee– a mistress and her transgendered slavegirl– who is a sweetperson in her 70’s– older than her Mistress. I really enjoyed the conflation of genders and roles that played out over the evening! Jeannie, the slave, sometimes presents as

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Jul 022011

I was out last night, and my companions asked me if I were “spiritual,” which of course is code for “let us tell you how spiritual we are” The ROYAL We in this case, the couple were a Domme and her slave. I heard a lot about the steps on her path, and– damn. For

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Jul 012011
oh those wacky gendergrammar police!

Apropos of a tweet which mentionedt; “A Gay Man Inside a Female’s Body” “A female what’s body?” Human? Female humans are called “women,” unless the writer wanted to say that a gay man resides inside a female body. Which is a slightly different thing. And should not be spelled with a possessive ‘s’. http://dharma-slut.dreamwidth.org/122693.html |

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Jun 302011
many miniposts ahead...

Although I tend to prefer my porn served up with some emotional context, a lot of women writers show the most abysmal idea of how men might possibly think. Honestly, most men fuck because they like fucking. Let me say that I’m about to use one of those dodgy arguments. "Some of my best friends…"

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Jun 142011
I'll be working this out for a long time still

Regarding BDSM, and the way that Dom/Sub seems to have become the default dynamics description. I think this is very problematic. BDSM encompasses a large range of activities alongside the mental and emotional activities, and many people who are more interested in the physical stuff are getting–seriously– shaming messages that they are not Dominant, or

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Jun 032011
my thoughts.. stemming from kink bingo's newest changes

So, Kink Bingo has added "achievements" like the ones in video games. Included are a group called "underrepresented characters;" Asexual, Chromatic, Trans and/or Genderqueer, Characters with Disabilities, Fat, and Older characters. I think it’s a very wonderful idea, but not everyone does. Among the complaints I’ve heard are that KB will be handing out cookies to reward

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Apr 232011
Happy Easter to my friends of belief...

My facebook friends are posting segments of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and talking about what they gave up for lent. One of my LJ flist has posted a number of gorgeous poems and quotations appropriate to Cristian devotions. But I want to answer the musical question "where you there when they crucified my lord?" with "ha ha,

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Feb 052011
No expert like a new one...

She’s done some research. She’s totally twisting the plot by making a MAN submissive to a WOMAN. Doing BDSM properly takes a lot of research. More than she’s done so far. Bianca_SommerlandToday, 08:30 AM I decided to put a twist in one of the books I’m working on. One of the characters–big strong man–is a

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Jan 212011

From another place on theinterwebs comes this which I wish I had said; I am saying that you can prove a negative when something’s existence is self-contradictory. You don’t need to know every secret of the universe to know that circles with corners do not exist. With all the attributes given to the Christian god, he is

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Dec 192010
Announcing yet another blog feed

probablepossible_feed for my image heavy costuming/creating/etsy-selling blog at probablepossible.com. Guys, I have WAAAY too much fun with images. Go see! http://dharma-slut.dreamwidth.org/114712.html | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Dec 162010
a spammy game of "telephone"

In my comments queue this morning; hi everyone, my identify is sausage and i just need to say that this is an fantabulous blog accumulation and i really plant it assistive, would it be o.k. if i submitted posts to this journal roughly topics i initiate engrossing? Next came; hi everyone, my study is wienerwurst

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Dec 122010
facebook follies

I was hugely unsociable in my late teens– not to say that i didn’t hang out- and have sex– with people, but that i saw no reason to keep in touch with anyone, so facebook has put me in touch with people I never expected to ever see again… including the first guy I had

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Oct 152010
In answer to that damn chart over at overthinkingit.com

Namely, this one which truly wasn’t thought out nearly well enough. You’ll find me in the thick of the argument here and there. Aside from the problematic aspects of using human beings to illustrate fiction stereotypes, and also the thing where no female character is good enough, it’s upsetting to read someone anticipating being called

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Sep 012010
How to keep lj away from your facebook page

it may come as a shock, but my name isn’t really Stella Omega :D Facebook is the only internet place where  i use my real name, and the only place i use my "home" email address. Stella has her own home address– which gets about 90% of my incoming email. lj can’t connect the dharma

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Aug 162010
A lot of breaking hearts tonight

A lot of people dared to get their hopes up just for one moment. I guess we’ll all just put our armor back on for a while longer. http://dharma-slut.dreamwidth.org/106848.html | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Aug 152010
Wait, what?

So someone is feeling butthurt about being tagged “cis” because it’s derogatory to be tagged with any kind of descriptor even if it’s a tag that says you don’t have any special tag, and those trans people are just shoving their specialness in someone’s face (truth is I have no idea if somebody is male

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