Mar 122012

Lissa laughed, as I knew she would. She toed the red and pink camillia petals that covered the raw soil of what would become a heart-shaped herbal garden come the real spring. I knew that the cold would descend on us again before that— but the unseasonably warm weather inspired me to get out and hoe and dig.

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Mar 122012

Despina, thank you for talking with me! “Wow, you’re welcome but really thank you!  You know, I hardly ever get to talk to so many  people at one time.” I guess the first thing is to explain to people what you are– who you are. “Okay, I’m a symbiote, I’m two critters rolled into one–

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Apr 282010
I suck at titles!

Ollie is trying to figure out her gender, and fighting for acceptance in the leathermen’s community, with a variable amount of success. A queer couple are willing to give her the acceptance she craves. Will she fit in with their already established relationship?  Title 1; "Danny’s Boy"  was fine until the resemblance to the song

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Apr 182010

This is for Emily and The Big Dog, which takes place in an original universe so new it hasn’t got a name yet… Any suggestions?  http://dharma-slut.dreamwidth.org/98238.html | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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