Oak and Ash

Nov 012009

The door swung shut, softening the din from the hotel lobby, and Jessamine felt her back loosen up as if it had been a physical burden she’d been carrying.  Only one woman shared the lobby powder room with her, and she winked a glittering black-kholed eye, when Jess caught it. Emboldened,  Jessamine turned her back

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Jan 092009

Even though I have the story spoken of down below- even though I actually have it mapped out- what am I writing? I’m writing a second encounter between Jessamine and Griffin. It finally occurred to me, that poor Griff never got her rocks off that night. And Jess’s daddy Gloria is a poking, prodding, prying

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May 272008

Griff was on her way to the showers. She was wearing her boots, chaps and harness — and a fair amount of mud. Damp earth streaked her normally immaculate leather. Mud decorated all of her body that was left bare. All the important parts were. Her ass still stung deliciously from the spanking she’d just

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Jan 152006

I just came back from a show billed as erotica art- and it actually was! In my experience, “erotic” at a gallery usually means a handful of nudes and some political commentary. But this show was actually sexy. Some of the art was actually about sex, too. I met Hector Silva Click on his name

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