Dec 242005

Disclaimer; If you ask me face to face, I’ll deny everything! *grin* Actually, it’s kind of.. a lot more sinfulness than it used to be, except, of course, the Lust part. Wrath didn’t used to be in my vocabulary. And I am much happier for having embraced it, baby, instead of getting weepy and wondering

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Dec 092005

Regarding “Band Practice” My friend Samantha says; “It’s a good sonnet, but I’m afraid I couldn’t quite relate it to my own band experiences. Not much romance for me.” The sonnet is not autobiographical at all. And I am so flattered if anyone thought so! I originally was imagining some young jock- but my technical

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Nov 062005

I got this email, in regards to my story “The Baroness’ Boy” I’m only posting part of it,and I’m bleeping the naughty words out (don’t know why, just seems right) “Oh my god! I came like a train! THREE ***** times! My **** is all syrup and throbbing now. **** but the filthy kink in

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Oct 102005

About the story “Jessamine” “oh wow! I ***** so hard I saw flashing spots! My ****** is a slick gushy mess that is still giving twitches. ***** you are good, Stella. This chapter had all the hot, intense dialogue that I had hoped you are capable of. (remember me mentioning how important I think the

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Sep 262005

Dear Author: This email is to bring to your attention that your story has been reviewed by indianPilot. Furthermore, the story was considered of high enough quality in writing craft to be show cased on our Top Ten selections. Please feel free to visit the site and have a browse at the other works you

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