Dec 112013

I was already skeeved by the biblical reality setting, but that’s just me being an atheist.  But  my fandom friends began bewailing the sad deaths of every female character the show brought in. And those deaths never stopped happening. My friends said “yeah, but lots of men die too!”  But I always had a suspicion

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Sep 252013

As I was trawling the internets for pron in my T-enhanced fetishistic way, I came across a really odd blogspot blog, where some guy from Portland (maybe?) was doing photomanips that turned young men into  something he called “mounded boys.” And he was writing little stories about them. And his quirky idea caught my attention,

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Sep 172011
regarding the Big GLBT YA callout:

Background: In a guest blog two writers talked about an unfortunate incident in which a prospective agent asked them to remove a gay characater from their YA novel: say yes To GayYA they were careful to name no names, because they wanted to talk- not about that particular incident, but about how common such incidents

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Jun 032011
my thoughts.. stemming from kink bingo's newest changes

So, Kink Bingo has added "achievements" like the ones in video games. Included are a group called "underrepresented characters;" Asexual, Chromatic, Trans and/or Genderqueer, Characters with Disabilities, Fat, and Older characters. I think it’s a very wonderful idea, but not everyone does. Among the complaints I’ve heard are that KB will be handing out cookies to reward

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Sep 222010
Made I larf

A kink bingo entry. Fandom SPN. Kink was something kinky, I don’t quite remember. The summary made it quite clear this was Dean and Sam getting up to no good with each other. The hidden spoiler thingy read; "Incest." Yeah, ya think?  ^_^ | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Jul 282010
Quotes from elsewhere'

…When I asked him the difference between erotica and porn, he said that if he can remember anything about the story after his orgasm, it’s erotica. I think that’s a pretty good working definition.. what do you think? | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Apr 282010
I suck at titles!

Ollie is trying to figure out her gender, and fighting for acceptance in the leathermen’s community, with a variable amount of success. A queer couple are willing to give her the acceptance she craves. Will she fit in with their already established relationship?  Title 1; "Danny’s Boy"  was fine until the resemblance to the song

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Apr 242010
c&P directly from jonquil

 LJ have inserted Javascript into every page; the script intercepts all attempts to copy URLs or open them in new windows. If you copy a URL for a connerce commerce site, LJ inserts LJ’s affiliate code so that LJ can monetize it. Some users have reported that the code, as usual, is buggy, and can

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Apr 102010
awesome new community

so_sue_me  in support of OFC’s in fanfic. Post your links to fics and meta! | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Apr 012010
Various values of "F"

Griffin is just about to make the final decision to transition to male. Or, maybe not. She knows that there is no workable phalloplasty yet, and she doesn’t want to be a man without a penis. Tricia has completely resculpted her body via plastic surgery and liposuction. She loves to bottom but is fixated on

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Feb 052010
Variation on a meme

Most of my flist are involved with fandoms what I don’t know nuttin about. So I can’t do the meme about you giving me the names of female characters and I tell you why i love them. But I have been reading some of my flists’s posts and have been getting some ideas of what can

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Nov 092009

You know what I don’t get about this “happy in heaven” routine– What makes a soul happy in heaven, that it can’t have when it’s here on earth– because the only thing I can think of is total amnesia. Angel is MADE of guilt. Does Angel’s soul suddenly forget every horrible thing that happened in

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Oct 292005

are; “yet” and “Literally” “The Boxer was ugly and brutal, yet tender towards babies and dogs” “She is a bleached blond, yet her intelligence is unquestioned” Try those two sentences with “AND” instead of “YET” They still make plenty sense. Not only that, they lack something that was too much in evidence before; the idea

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