Nov 092008

And we will call her Femme Vitale Unlike the Femme fatale who takes over a partner and drains them, this woman takes responsibility, acts as custodian for their partner. This woman need not be a warrior for the purposes of this particular aspect. She does not need to be a goddess, or have any magical

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May 272008

You pay more attention to the glass in your hand than you do to me. Running your finger round the edge ever pouring the vintage red into its complaisant mouth and then- what a melting of tongue, And teeth meeting the rim! Yes, I’d rather be your wineglass than your lover.

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May 272008

We met beneath the highschool bleachers where The benches faded in the chilly mist Sweat-shirted and fifteen I met her there And touched her on the arm, and nearly kissed her lip brushing my lip, so I could taste The sugar in the Maybelline she wore And breathed, in shy and startled haste The grown-up

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Apr 032007

Heh! I keep thinking about this, actually. From the time I was, say… twelve, I kept spiral-bound notebooks. I’d write my English assignments in them, and then began keeping one separate one for “creative writing”. When I got serious about writing, I’d start at the beginning of one of these books, and fill every right-hand

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Apr 012007

It was love at first sight for me and my S.O- even though that “first sight” was filtered through three panes of glass- I’d gone to meet a date at the airport, we were flying to San Francisco for a weekend. I was inside the lobby, and i saw my date step out of a

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Mar 282006

and I don’t yet have much to say about it. My problem is that I’m so susceptible to film- it pulls me in. I can’t get back far enough to be critical. Quite an amazing cast, and the director did okay for his first feature-length film- this is a guy who’s done a lot of

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Feb 232006

“No vers is libre for the man who wants to do a good job” And I do. So there will be many more versions of the Blind Gunman, or I may just kick him out, I don’t know which. He also says; “Don’t imagine that a thing will ‘go’ in verse just because it’s too

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Jan 062006

Abs and I do some of the funniest RP it’s ever been my pleasure to non-consumate. Something about her just bangs on my funnybone until I turn purple from laughing. AS sex partners, we make a good Abbot and Costello. This Trailer Trash thread we’ve been doing lately, though- that’s a nice little story, and

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Nov 272005

In reference to the Weds 16th post- about losing my old journals. I remember writing a pretty cute, light-hearted little tale about Frankenfurter et al. I remember being proud of it, because it was one of the very first stories I’d ever written that actually came to a conclusion! So now, I’m sort of trying

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Oct 282005

It’s been a very physical day today. I moved a lot of boxes, swept out spaces, strung lights for the kids party. Damn, nothing like letting yourself go to seed in front of the computer! Still, although I’ll be sore as hell tomorrow- It was a good thing. BUt the whole time, i was seeing

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Sep 212005

I’ve been people watching with a vengeance. We were at the hospital for a follow-up on DH’s broken arm, and it was crowded and a long wait. The place was full of the types I love the most- if you wonder why I have a crush on Depp (no, why would anyone wonder about that?)

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