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Nov 092008

I Mean To Have My Poppet “Seek we out the Stage Master, now,” my Lady said. “Mind thou bendeth thy knee.” “I can’t pay her a thing, Lina,” that dignified personage growled. “He seeks no pay, Jacob,” Lady Helena smiled sweetly. “I ask only a night pass, and supper.” “Not breakfast, too?” “Nay sir, I

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Aug 272007
A double handful of flash-fics

that were the results of a challenge over at lit. The subjects rotate every ten fics, with the tenth person calling the next prompt. Some of them I was not able to limit myself to 100 words. I’ve gotten better with practice… Ratings; G to R, non-explicit sexual situations. Titles;

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Sep 202006

I recently discovered Thomas Dekker and his collaborator Thomas Middleton. Notice- I said recently, as in the past few months. Dekker wrote a play called “Patient Grissill” and there’s a story about a Suffolk family that was saved from financial ruin by the discovery of a manuscript that they owned… well, anyway, he, and Middleton,

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Nov 052005

*snff!* Poor, neglected Molly! What the hell, I ask you, would she and Lina find to do, the day after a night like that one? The truth is, I have one more sexcapade, wriiten, in the morning time, and then- I don’t know… She will have to go back to Maggie, and tell her that

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