Jan 092009

Even though I have the story spoken of down below- even though I actually have it mapped out- what am I writing? I’m writing a second encounter between Jessamine and Griffin. It finally occurred to me, that poor Griff never got her rocks off that night. And Jess’s daddy Gloria is a poking, prodding, prying

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Nov 072008

You can have your bunny back, kthnxs. Fandom; lit-gal BTVS AU titled “Kin Of The Heart.” pairing; Spike/Angel/Xander warnings– oh come on, I wrote it after all! No ropes or whips; a soupçon of shmoop perhaps. 100 words of Kin– times six… Xander; Whatever Xander was expecting, it probably wasn’t this; Not seeing Spike, whimpering

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May 272008

You pay more attention to the glass in your hand than you do to me. Running your finger round the edge ever pouring the vintage red into its complaisant mouth and then- what a melting of tongue, And teeth meeting the rim! Yes, I’d rather be your wineglass than your lover.

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Jun 102007

On my “home forum” at, there is a Time Travel Challenge going on. Most people are inserting themselves into their stories– 500 words or so– but I simply cannot write a flashfic for it, it seems. I have an idea that will be maybe 6-8K words. And the anti-hero protagonist is myself writ large.

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May 292007

If you’re on my friends list, I want to know 28 things about you. I don’t care if we’ve never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don’t. You are obviously on my flist, so indulge my inquisitiveness! 1. Your Middle Name:, 2. Age: 3. Single

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Apr 252007

Earlier this month I posted Auden’s sonnet for Edward Lear. Many people called Lear the master of limericks, but I don’t agree with that; He was prolific sure, but not original nor unusually witty. He wrote a few longer poems- ballads, you might say. Those are superb; “The Owl and The Pussycat”, “The Pobble Who

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Apr 242007

Like e.e. cummings, Don Marquise wrote without punctuation. He did it in the voice af a large cockroach named archy- who typed out his missives by jumping head-first onto the typewriter keys, in the middle of the night, after the newspaper office was closed. Marquise aimed to lampoon verse libre. But, in fact, he was

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Mar 122006

the second of my four flashfics came out like this; I stood at my front gate and watched the sun come up in the market street. I watched the housewives and shopkeepers, the balloon-seller and the pickpocket, bustling in the lovely light of a new Summer’s day. I was waiting for the right moment to

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Nov 122005

This includes medium graphic sex. It comes out of the middle of a nearly finished story. It’s been slow going, on the very last section, because I want a lot to happen during the sex- without losing the heat. The story is not BDSM, and not fan fic. It is a threesome, with a lot

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Nov 082005

My daughter was a stay-awake baby. Sometimes, to shorten the process, we would load her in the car and drive out into the lyrical Pennsylvania countryside, watching the colors of night gather in the sky, the green trees enrich their hues as night fell. My stepdaughter Jessica was a sarcastic, defensive, dreadlocked artist- and she

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Oct 302005

Why does Jack Sparrow wear dreadlocks? Because Johnny Depp is a romantic who likes to play dress-up. But why would a pirate wear them, really? This might be one reason; **************** Marietta slid a hand under Jack’s neck, sniffed the perfume in his hair. “What have ye been doing, laddie? Your bonny locks-” “Tis practical,

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