Dec 082007

yesterday I took a look in’s community listings, for writing groups or classes. I found a group– well-established, and five minutes away from me! I called the organiser. Knowing myself all too well, I told him that almost everything I write has sexual content. He chuckled and said; “there’s a difference between pron and

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Nov 262007

and costuming can be as good as sex sometimes! Saturday; striped leggings with buckskin mocassin boots. A white 18th century shirt with a ruffled front. Over that, a coat by Kristi Smart; grey, with buckskin fringe, bone beads (It’s going to be totally tricked out in Native American style). A top hat– with a hatband

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Oct 282005

It’s been a very physical day today. I moved a lot of boxes, swept out spaces, strung lights for the kids party. Damn, nothing like letting yourself go to seed in front of the computer! Still, although I’ll be sore as hell tomorrow- It was a good thing. BUt the whole time, i was seeing

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Sep 212005

I’ve been people watching with a vengeance. We were at the hospital for a follow-up on DH’s broken arm, and it was crowded and a long wait. The place was full of the types I love the most- if you wonder why I have a crush on Depp (no, why would anyone wonder about that?)

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