May 172008

And I will not include the sincere explanations of how this will set gay rights back for generations by way of backlash, like durrr. One woman, in a thread titled “Raise a glass to the California Supreme Court!” came in just to say; I hate to be the party pooper here, but I wonder when

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Mar 082008

This chain of PM’s between myself and a woman of a certain age who recently announced that she was gracing literotica Author’s hangout with her presence, is too precious not to share. The names have been changed to protect the oh-so-very innocent. Dr. Mabeuse told me the truth, you woman. (newbie)

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Oct 182007

1) remove foot from mouth. 2) swallow, or spit, out the bile. 3) say ; “I will stop defending my entirely stupid comment.” 4) stop defending your entirely stupid comment.

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Oct 292005

are; “yet” and “Literally” “The Boxer was ugly and brutal, yet tender towards babies and dogs” “She is a bleached blond, yet her intelligence is unquestioned” Try those two sentences with “AND” instead of “YET” They still make plenty sense. Not only that, they lack something that was too much in evidence before; the idea

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