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May 192008

“It’s not an equal protection issue per se. Homosexuals have the right to marry in every state of the union. They just can’t/couldn’t marry someone of the same sex. It’s the exact same right to marry that heterosexuals have. Whether it’s fair, right, or good is another matter.” I just.. words fail. Large bricks, however,

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May 172008

And I will not include the sincere explanations of how this will set gay rights back for generations by way of backlash, like durrr. One woman, in a thread titled “Raise a glass to the California Supreme Court!” came in just to say; I hate to be the party pooper here, but I wonder when

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Apr 262008

“Give me a ride to Margie’s house?” This means an hour, round trip. I say; “I can take you, or bring you back– not both. How will you get home?” “I probably won’t come home,” says The Boy. “You can’t spend the night at Margie’s, can you?” I remember that rule, from having to go

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