Sep 252013

As I was trawling the internets for pron in my T-enhanced fetishistic way, I came across a really odd blogspot blog, where some guy from Portland (maybe?) was doing photomanips that turned young men into  something he called “mounded boys.” And he was writing little stories about them. And his quirky idea caught my attention,

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Jan 292012

I went to a High Tea today. The rule is: Ladies are guests, men serve. Naked, shaven, and focused ONLY on serving tea. The hostess wanted me to come as a guest, but was worried that it would be insensitive to ask me to be a girl… But as it happens, I thought– why not

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Nov 092008

I Mean To Have My Poppet “Seek we out the Stage Master, now,” my Lady said. “Mind thou bendeth thy knee.” “I can’t pay her a thing, Lina,” that dignified personage growled. “He seeks no pay, Jacob,” Lady Helena smiled sweetly. “I ask only a night pass, and supper.” “Not breakfast, too?” “Nay sir, I

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May 272008

Morning; I stood at my front gate and watched the sun come up in the market street. I watched the housewives and shopkeepers, the balloon-seller and the pickpocket, bustling in the lovely light of a new Summer’s day. I was waiting for the right moment to step out onto the avenue, myself. Waiting on a

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Dec 272007

The community has a fine new wind in her sails! This month has seen a sweet little piece of smut from the incomparable , and has created an entire novel for download. Myself, I’ve put up a three-part tale in Gloria’s “Valentine’s rose” series; “Away from Tortuga” part 1, part 2, and part 3

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Oct 182007

1) remove foot from mouth. 2) swallow, or spit, out the bile. 3) say ; “I will stop defending my entirely stupid comment.” 4) stop defending your entirely stupid comment.

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Mar 072007
Welcome To New Orleans

When Eli came in from the street, Snake walked in behind him. That bad man back in her life again. Dumb fuck Eli, all grinning like a dog. Said; “Blue, honey I got someone special to meet you.” Said; “This is Snake, Miss Blue, come to meet you. You two got a lot in common.”

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Sep 202006

I recently discovered Thomas Dekker and his collaborator Thomas Middleton. Notice- I said recently, as in the past few months. Dekker wrote a play called “Patient Grissill” and there’s a story about a Suffolk family that was saved from financial ruin by the discovery of a manuscript that they owned… well, anyway, he, and Middleton,

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Oct 072005
Yo soy un' travesti?

si, porqui no? This is Johnny Depp. He’s playing Bon Bon, from “Before Night Falls” a film by Julian Schnabel. I posted it in a lit thread. And of course, Joey loved it. And of course, I saw this queen’s whole history in one moment- Not the character from the movie, a different Bon Bon,

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