Apr 052013
Top. dom. sub. bottom. And the differences between them. AKA "Stella's usual rant."

Note: Our society has become very enamored of the concept of Dom and Sub. Many people come into the lifestyle without ever hearing that any other dynamic can exist, which is why I have written this little essay. I do not wish to give the impression that you or anyone else are restricted to one or

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Sep 172011
regarding the Big GLBT YA callout:

Background: In a guest blog two writers talked about an unfortunate incident in which a prospective agent asked them to remove a gay characater from their YA novel: say yes To GayYA they were careful to name no names, because they wanted to talk- not about that particular incident, but about how common such incidents

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Jul 092011

There is a difference between what many women want, and expect, from BDSM– and byt BDSM I mean the whole kit and kaboodle of acronyms that describe WIITWD– and what many men want– and presumably, expect. The disparity can be summed up, I think, by these two excerpts. One is a BDSM erotic Romance, and

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Jul 012011
oh those wacky gendergrammar police!

Apropos of a tweet which mentionedt; “A Gay Man Inside a Female’s Body” “A female what’s body?” Human? Female humans are called “women,” unless the writer wanted to say that a gay man resides inside a female body. Which is a slightly different thing. And should not be spelled with a possessive ‘s’. |

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Jun 302011
many miniposts ahead...

Although I tend to prefer my porn served up with some emotional context, a lot of women writers show the most abysmal idea of how men might possibly think. Honestly, most men fuck because they like fucking. Let me say that I’m about to use one of those dodgy arguments. "Some of my best friends…"

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Oct 312010

“Master Dan, it’s great to see you again!” Ollie smiled up from her place on the floor as the man settled himself onto the chair at her boot-blacking station. “Are you and Steve competing?” “Steve didn’t make it this year,” Dan mourned. “He got promoted, and couldn’t leave the job, so I had to come

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Oct 152010
In answer to that damn chart over at

Namely, this one which truly wasn’t thought out nearly well enough. You’ll find me in the thick of the argument here and there. Aside from the problematic aspects of using human beings to illustrate fiction stereotypes, and also the thing where no female character is good enough, it’s upsetting to read someone anticipating being called

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Sep 192010

“How are we doing, Daddy D?” Dusty looked up from the tickets she’d been counting. “We don’t have many left,” she said with a pleased smile. “The dungeon’s going to be nice and busy tonight!” “Yeah!” Leah made a victory fist. “All women, all night!” She placed a jug of water and glass on Dusty’s

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Sep 192010

Even though she’d worn jeans she felt out of place; The clothes she’d bought seemed okay at the mall, but the silver printed skull on her black t-shirt now made her feel like a dumb girl.

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Aug 162010
A lot of breaking hearts tonight

A lot of people dared to get their hopes up just for one moment. I guess we’ll all just put our armor back on for a while longer. | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Jun 212010
Wthout naming names...

One of the Destined Youth types of the Los Angeles jazz scene is doodling around on Mr. Omega’s accoustic gittar. He’s one of Wolf’s school chums, and there’s a small bunch of the critters hanging out in the back porch this summer evening . it’s just fabulous. In other news, i was talking about how

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Jun 202010
FTM support meeting in L.A. report

Actually, there isn’t much reportage to do, only that I got off my ass and went. Thank you nagasvoice for peptalking me. i seem to be wallowing in insecurity and agoraphobia these days. The meetup was one FTM facilitator, his cis female best friend, his gay BF who said he had never dated  a transman

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Apr 012010
Various values of "F"

Griffin is just about to make the final decision to transition to male. Or, maybe not. She knows that there is no workable phalloplasty yet, and she doesn’t want to be a man without a penis. Tricia has completely resculpted her body via plastic surgery and liposuction. She loves to bottom but is fixated on

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Mar 152010
First officially genderless human!

Norrie May-Welby, A British expat who claims to have no gender is thought to have become the first person to be officially recognised as neither male or female. Which is kinda awesome. But… the why of it is a perfect object lesson for such as which i yam. See, this dude, once upon a time,

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Mar 052010
A (butthurt) definition of transgendered

I read a very good essay this morning, about the term "transgendered" and the difference between "gender" which, according to the writer is a cultural phenomenon meaning the host of behaviors that read as male or female to the majority of the world as opposed to "sex," which this writer uses to mean the biological

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Jan 242009
Stolen Roses

For   January challenge, Aphrodite Title: Stolen Roses Author: Stella Omega Character: OFCs; Lenore, Astro Boi Rating: Teen Warnings: None Summary: Lenore finds a surprise on her doorstep. Fandom: None; these two characters were created in response to this challenge. Award choices: Aphrodite female Word Count: 710 Notes: Several weeks ago,  I was overbearing towards

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Jan 092009

Even though I have the story spoken of down below- even though I actually have it mapped out- what am I writing? I’m writing a second encounter between Jessamine and Griffin. It finally occurred to me, that poor Griff never got her rocks off that night. And Jess’s daddy Gloria is a poking, prodding, prying

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Nov 092008

And we will call her Femme Vitale Unlike the Femme fatale who takes over a partner and drains them, this woman takes responsibility, acts as custodian for their partner. This woman need not be a warrior for the purposes of this particular aspect. She does not need to be a goddess, or have any magical

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