Jul 192011
Grammar Ouchies!

DEAR WELL-SEASONED SLASH WRITER: I could have loved your recent Spander; you are a helluva storyteller.  But your grammar made it difficult to read comfortably. Please, get control of your punctuation. Half of your commas are placed where no comma belongs, and the other half are missing from the places they should be. Come on

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Apr 102010
awesome new community

so_sue_me  in support of OFC’s in fanfic. Post your links to fics and meta! | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Nov 092009

You know what I don’t get about this “happy in heaven” routine– What makes a soul happy in heaven, that it can’t have when it’s here on earth– because the only thing I can think of is total amnesia. Angel is MADE of guilt. Does Angel’s soul suddenly forget every horrible thing that happened in

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Nov 072008

You can have your bunny back, kthnxs. Fandom; lit-gal BTVS AU titled “Kin Of The Heart.” pairing; Spike/Angel/Xander warnings– oh come on, I wrote it after all! No ropes or whips; a soupçon of shmoop perhaps. 100 words of Kin– times six… Xander; Whatever Xander was expecting, it probably wasn’t this; Not seeing Spike, whimpering

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May 272008

Written Fall of 2005, as I recall. I was driving on a very fast freeway– next to a wall– when this came to me. It is really NOT good to have one’s vision turned inward in such circumstances! This fic is, I am ashamed to say, based on real people; Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando,

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May 272008

Morning; I stood at my front gate and watched the sun come up in the market street. I watched the housewives and shopkeepers, the balloon-seller and the pickpocket, bustling in the lovely light of a new Summer’s day. I was waiting for the right moment to step out onto the avenue, myself. Waiting on a

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Mar 072007
Welcome To New Orleans

When Eli came in from the street, Snake walked in behind him. That bad man back in her life again. Dumb fuck Eli, all grinning like a dog. Said; “Blue, honey I got someone special to meet you.” Said; “This is Snake, Miss Blue, come to meet you. You two got a lot in common.”

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Jan 102007

My first offering for the Impverse fandom Pairings; Anamaria(POTC)/Indilla (OC) Jack Sparrow (POTC)/Jack Shaftoe/(SOTW) rating; NC-17 natch Disclaimers; The characters are the properties of The Mouse, and Stephenson respectively, I promise to play nicely and put them right back when I’m done. Title; “Further Enquiries”

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Nov 162005

And those particular old spiral-bounds are as much as thirty-five years old… It’s taken me about twelve years to come to terms with that loss. Besides my own teenaged scribbling, there were guest appearances in those pages- my freinds and colleagues in high school, who since have vanished, some of them, into thin air- or

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Nov 052005

It’s probably a really stupid idea, but- what if i re-wrote the Jack Sparrow story to be from his perspective? Would it be hotter? Or am I dicking around? Hell, I know the answer- really. Stop wasting my time with fanfic, no matter how delicious the character is. Write the story with my own people,

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Oct 312005

How is this for a motive? ******** “Jackie, ye’ve changed so” “Aye, a year on the big ship. Marietta, I saw places- I’ve seen Venice, and Madagascar, and China, love! I’ve killed a man, I’ve laid by a store of gold. I tried the London shipmasters, I did- they looked at me as if I

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Oct 302005

Why does Jack Sparrow wear dreadlocks? Because Johnny Depp is a romantic who likes to play dress-up. But why would a pirate wear them, really? This might be one reason; **************** Marietta slid a hand under Jack’s neck, sniffed the perfume in his hair. “What have ye been doing, laddie? Your bonny locks-” “Tis practical,

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Oct 032005

But, happily for me, Recidiva does. She studied at Stella Adler. And she sent me a few paragraphs, of imaginary conversation, about the craft of acting. Thank you my darling. This is going to fuck me up, re-writing that whole section and bringing it into line with the mood of the rest of the story…

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Sep 232005

So yesterday, I was driving back from the hospital- a long damned drive, thank you- and we were talking about “Don Juan De Marco” and how Depp basically moved in with Brando during the time of the film. How close they became. Brando was getting pretty sick. And Johnny is a rather humble guy, besides

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Sep 222005

…Dulcey said; “Josie, get to yer place and let yer betters go back to their own work!” “Betters, is it?” The noisome presence of Daft Josie hobbled into the room. “Little slut- I was as good as ye once. I knew yer father, I did.” she added, pointing a grimy finger at Jack, now putting

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