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Mar 282006

and I don’t yet have much to say about it. My problem is that I’m so susceptible to film- it pulls me in. I can’t get back far enough to be critical. Quite an amazing cast, and the director did okay for his first feature-length film- this is a guy who’s done a lot of

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Feb 242006

What can inform a character- you never know where you’ll find it. I thought I was wasting my time surfing, when I found this; “I’ve never seen him lose his temper, but I’ve seen the results of it,” says Terry Gilliam. “Broken doors and things; I’ve seen his trailer roughed up a bit. It’s interesting,

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Nov 022005
My Halloween av

Oh, those beautiful eyes! It was fun to be Eddie for a day. Au revoir, buddy, we’ll be together again *grin*

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Oct 072005
Yo soy un' travesti?

si, porqui no? This is Johnny Depp. He’s playing Bon Bon, from “Before Night Falls” a film by Julian Schnabel. I posted it in a lit thread. And of course, Joey loved it. And of course, I saw this queen’s whole history in one moment- Not the character from the movie, a different Bon Bon,

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