Jan 292012

I went to a High Tea today. The rule is: Ladies are guests, men serve. Naked, shaven, and focused ONLY on serving tea. The hostess wanted me to come as a guest, but was worried that it would be insensitive to ask me to be a girl… But as it happens, I thought– why not

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Jun 142011
I'll be working this out for a long time still

Regarding BDSM, and the way that Dom/Sub seems to have become the default dynamics description. I think this is very problematic. BDSM encompasses a large range of activities alongside the mental and emotional activities, and many people who are more interested in the physical stuff are getting–seriously– shaming messages that they are not Dominant, or

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May 302011
I'm not a fan. I know this now.

I know it because i just spent three days in the company of Los Angeles’s Harry Potter fandom. Did you know that there’s been a store in the L.A. area since… Well, the website says something about "since 1367" which I find extremely irritating. But i think it’s been around since 05. The store is

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Apr 232011
Happy Easter to my friends of belief...

My facebook friends are posting segments of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and talking about what they gave up for lent. One of my LJ flist has posted a number of gorgeous poems and quotations appropriate to Cristian devotions. But I want to answer the musical question "where you there when they crucified my lord?" with "ha ha,

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Dec 192010
Announcing yet another blog feed

probablepossible_feed for my image heavy costuming/creating/etsy-selling blog at Guys, I have WAAAY too much fun with images. Go see! | comments | Comment at Dreamwidth

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Dec 122010
facebook follies

I was hugely unsociable in my late teens– not to say that i didn’t hang out- and have sex– with people, but that i saw no reason to keep in touch with anyone, so facebook has put me in touch with people I never expected to ever see again… including the first guy I had

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Mar 052010
A (butthurt) definition of transgendered

I read a very good essay this morning, about the term "transgendered" and the difference between "gender" which, according to the writer is a cultural phenomenon meaning the host of behaviors that read as male or female to the majority of the world as opposed to "sex," which this writer uses to mean the biological

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Jan 132007

What a wonderful form this is! The challenge is to write a single sentence, of at least one hundred words. Gakked from and somewhere else as well- I don’t remember, but will credit you when I do… I find that this form allows me to write down memories of happenstances that have rendered me inchoherent

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Oct 292006

An exercise in couplets; I’m moon walking, sleep walking, only halfway here; The accents from another time are dinning in my ear. My fingers tap the iambs, I’m counting ‘neath my breath, Horns honk in the intersection, scare me half to death; “C’mon, bitch, it’s two-ohoh five, not three hundred years before!” But the century

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Sep 082006

The story of a couple of stories and one more. I offered my lesbian first-time story “Meeting Robby” (posted on literotica) to This is an erotica magazine that actually PAYS for submissions. My first story online ever, was published there; “When Petey met Yuri” (I’m not that original with names, you’ll notice) where was

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Feb 132006
Phone call from my sister

I do not usually post personal entries. But this one has a lot of bearing on why I do what I do, I think. My sister called me this morning, and we talked for about an hour and a half. She told me everything I’ve done wrong A little background for her- She has been

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Feb 062006
Virtual drag king

The trick is to use a candid shot- and find the right brushes in photoshop This one is a better look, I think; I lose easily ten years as a man, that’s interesting. Of course, if I really had a beard it would be showing white by now- and probably my hair would be thinning

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