dressing the part

Jan 292012

I went to a High Tea today. The rule is: Ladies are guests, men serve. Naked, shaven, and focused ONLY on serving tea. The hostess wanted me to come as a guest, but was worried that it would be insensitive to ask me to be a girl… But as it happens, I thought– why not

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Apr 282010
Mad secondhanding skilz

Got a chance to stop into the best Good-Will store in my area, with the stated intent to find button down shirts. I have stopped looking for the pretty colors first; now, I begin with neck size, since mine is small for menswear. If I find anything in my size, then I look at the

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Jan 242009
Stolen Roses

For   January challenge, Aphrodite Title: Stolen Roses Author: Stella Omega Character: OFCs; Lenore, Astro Boi Rating: Teen Warnings: None Summary: Lenore finds a surprise on her doorstep. Fandom: None; these two characters were created in response to this challenge. Award choices: Aphrodite female Word Count: 710 Notes: Several weeks ago,  I was overbearing towards

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Nov 092008

I Mean To Have My Poppet “Seek we out the Stage Master, now,” my Lady said. “Mind thou bendeth thy knee.” “I can’t pay her a thing, Lina,” that dignified personage growled. “He seeks no pay, Jacob,” Lady Helena smiled sweetly. “I ask only a night pass, and supper.” “Not breakfast, too?” “Nay sir, I

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May 272008

…Three things occurred to me. One was that, however fine a woman I am, I don’t usually get teenage succubi staring sweetly into my eyes with no effort on my part. Another was that this kid had more than kissed the Blarney stone- He must have chewed a piece right off…

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May 272008

Morning; I stood at my front gate and watched the sun come up in the market street. I watched the housewives and shopkeepers, the balloon-seller and the pickpocket, bustling in the lovely light of a new Summer’s day. I was waiting for the right moment to step out onto the avenue, myself. Waiting on a

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