Sep 172011
regarding the Big GLBT YA callout:

Background: In a guest blog two writers talked about an unfortunate incident in which a prospective agent asked them to remove a gay characater from their YA novel: say yes To GayYA they were careful to name no names, because they wanted to talk- not about that particular incident, but about how common such incidents

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Apr 142011
Ain’t been writing, been fighting…

Have a couple links; A facebook gallery of beautiful and passionate posters for women’s rights with links to hi res printable versions (I hope it works for everyone! ) A short sharp statement to Obama I know he said some good things today. but– do you trust him any more? My only feeling is that he’s

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Mar 192010
A friends list in the hundreds…

I dunno about that. I get that it’s wonderful to have hundreds of people watching you, which increases your chances of finding good commentary and conversations. But my reading list is just so huge, I miss posts. On LJ i solved this by setting up something like six filters, by interest; storytellers, writers, non-fans, crafts,

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Mar 042010

(Via many sources) LJ is stupid. Again. The tl;dr = LJ is stealing ad revenue from their users by redirecting such links through a third party… who then can log all the link traffic. The above links give more details, including how to opt out. Fortunately, there is a way to opt out (from

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