Sep 172011
regarding the Big GLBT YA callout:

Background: In a guest blog two writers talked about an unfortunate incident in which a prospective agent asked them to remove a gay characater from their YA novel: say yes To GayYA they were careful to name no names, because they wanted to talk- not about that particular incident, but about how common such incidents

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Aug 152010
Wait, what?

So someone is feeling butthurt about being tagged “cis” because it’s derogatory to be tagged with any kind of descriptor even if it’s a tag that says you don’t have any special tag, and those trans people are just shoving their specialness in someone’s face (truth is I have no idea if somebody is male

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Jun 202010
FTM support meeting in L.A. report

Actually, there isn’t much reportage to do, only that I got off my ass and went. Thank you nagasvoice for peptalking me. i seem to be wallowing in insecurity and agoraphobia these days. The meetup was one FTM facilitator, his cis female best friend, his gay BF who said he had never dated  a transman

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Mar 152010
First officially genderless human!

Norrie May-Welby, A British expat who claims to have no gender is thought to have become the first person to be officially recognised as neither male or female. Which is kinda awesome. But… the why of it is a perfect object lesson for such as which i yam. See, this dude, once upon a time,

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May 272008

I remember a cold night in Zurich, 1979, when I sat desperate and alone amid a crowd of night-timers in the unwelcoming American Bar; I had just demonstrated the technique of applying liquid eyeliner to create that 1960’s cats-eye effect, and some fey man blew on my eyelids to dry them- under pretext of drawing

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May 272008

Morning; I stood at my front gate and watched the sun come up in the market street. I watched the housewives and shopkeepers, the balloon-seller and the pickpocket, bustling in the lovely light of a new Summer’s day. I was waiting for the right moment to step out onto the avenue, myself. Waiting on a

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