Jul 272008

This episode is: Rated; R at best, for mentions of sight and scent. Warnings; White nylon rope, nameless protagonist Word Count; 1160 I couldn’t quite get the hang of this series, untill I remembered a pair of characters I’d written years ago; Jessamine and Gloria (NC-17, F/F/F, BDSM) and then I knew where I was

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Aug 172009

The lounge held perhaps fifteen people, and the remains of a standard buffet lunch after a busy morning at the leather convention. The sub who was waitressing brought me a cup of coffee, but I could have easily slipped into restful sleep. The conversational murmur was soothing; talk of whips and manacles, genital torture and

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Nov 012009

The door swung shut, softening the din from the hotel lobby, and Jessamine felt her back loosen up as if it had been a physical burden she’d been carrying.  Only one woman shared the lobby powder room with her, and she winked a glittering black-kholed eye, when Jess caught it. Emboldened,  Jessamine turned her back

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May 272008

“God damn, feels good to be clean again!” Gloria announced. A cloud of steam followed her as she stepped out of the bathroom, zipping up a pair of soft grey leather trousers. Her skin glowed from the heat, her ash-blonde curls dripped water onto her shoulders and naked breasts. Jessamine smiled and came to be

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Jan 092009

Even though I have the story spoken of down below- even though I actually have it mapped out- what am I writing? I’m writing a second encounter between Jessamine and Griffin. It finally occurred to me, that poor Griff never got her rocks off that night. And Jess’s daddy Gloria is a poking, prodding, prying

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