Oak And Ash


The dykeverse. It seems as if an awful lot of my leatherwomen know each other. They hang out in each other’s stories. These are being written out of order and helter-skelter.

Jess and Daddy G: Not your usual romance

Ep.1; Red Hair, White Rope
At the Leather Pride convention, Gloria asks for a volunteer from the audience. (prompt; “Rope Bondage“)
Content: White nylon rope, nameless protagonist. 1160 words

Ep.2; Damn, Damn, Damn
Did your Master send you?” I asked her.
“Master? Uh– no, I don’t have a Master. And um, well– That’s the thing, I was wondering…”
(prompt; ‘Spanking“)
Content: Rope, het sex, dominance issues. 2200 words

Ep.3; Know What You Want
“You, my dear, should think very carefully about what you want from Gloria.
” (prompt; “Mirror“)
Content; Rope, Stranger danger. 750 words.

Jessamine’s past comes back to spank her.
Content; verbal humiliation, pain and pissplay, spanking, love and connection. 10,000 words

Griffin: Butch Boi

The Baroness’s Boy
A wild day for a butch bottom at an all-women’s camp weekend.
Content; PWP; verbal humiliation, bondage, leather, harnesses, mud, food play, dog play, healthful outdoor activities. 6,100 words

Griffin and Jess
The second day at Camp Fist.
Content; dialogue, water play, a smidgin of schmoop, unfinished. Somebody, please- where might this be gooooing?

Dusty: Service Top

Emily, A prologue
A young woman ventures into the rabbit hole at the Leather Pride event.
Content: No standard notes apply.  1,000 words

“So, tell me the fantasy,” Dusty ordered. An experienced top indulges her baser instincts. (Prompt: “Dirty Talk”)
Content; dirty talk. 750 words

Pre Op
Even an experienced leatherwoman can learn something new.
Content; problematic gender assumptions. 1,000 words

Emily And The Big Dog
Losing a game of poker brings Dusty much more than she bargained for.
(prompt; “Animal Play”)
Content; Dubious consent, bad attitude, puppyplay. WIP. 1,200 words

Moon Sow
Dusty is all about making women’s wishes come true. But will anyone want to make her wishes happen? (Prompt; “Furries“)
Content; dirty talk, foreplay, plans for the future. Not very explicit. 1,000 words

Ollie: Little Big Dog

Not all queer women are dykes. Ollie is gay male identified, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms…

Danny’s Boy
A Leatherman chooses his submissive for the Pride Weekend conpetition.
(prompt: “Boot Worship”)
Content: Inter-gendered pairing (M/ftm), no sex, a little extra exposition. 2,000 words

Woof Camp
Ollie finds her inner terrier. (Prompt: “Medical play”, “Menace”)
Content: Puppyplay, gender, a little violence, 4,000 words

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