Burning Need


Kink, Rough sex, BDSM– gay, dyke, het, queer. Consider yourself warned.

The Baroness’s Boy
(dyke) A wild day for a butch bottom at an all-women’s camp weekend.
Nothing much in this one except kink; verbal humiliation, bondage, leather, harnesses, mud, food play, dog play, healthful outdoor activities. But what I like most about it is the trick I did with the dialogue.

(dyke) Jessamine’s past comes back to spank her.
Verbal humiliation, waterplay, spanking, love and connection.

When Petey Met Yuri
(queer) A gay man asks for something special from a butch dyke.
Flipped expectations. bondage, singletails, pegging.The beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

Shore Leave II
(gay) Jack Sparrow and Richard Sharpe, and “a bit of rope” frolic at a secretive set of gentleman’s rooms. James Norrington presides, with guest star Horatio Hornblower, in this fan fiction crack crossover.
Absolutely no plot. sex, violence, rum and a bit of rope…

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